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How to use a 3-ring Scarf Ring

Updated: Jun 25

Scarf rings can be used to create so many different looks. They can be used to hold a scarf in position without a bulky knot, and they add a finishing, decorative touch. The scarf ring shown here is the smallest of the three-ring styes we offer, called "May". It was chosen to go with our pink and black diamond-shaped scarf because the narrow ends of the diamond shape would simply slide through a larger ring.

With two of the rings on top, thread one side of the scarf through one of the top rings and the bottom ring.

Do the same with the other end of the scarf and adjust the length of the loop around the neck by moving the scarf ring up or down along the two ends.

At this point, finish the look by flaring and adjusting the position of the two tails.

... or pull the two ends to the back and tie at the back of the neck to make a collar.

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